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Clipping of Cover Story Article by Dr. Deepti Priya (Prabhat Khabar - Surabhi - 28th June 2020)

साहस का घोड़ा - (काव्य संग्रह दीप्राणिका.१)


साहस का घोड़ा

(काव्य संग्रह दीप्राणिका.१)

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साहस का घोड़ा सजा कर

संयम के हो रथ पे सवार,

अर्जुन के हों नेत्र बंधु…

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Mindful healthy practices ameliorate in navigating unanticipated turns

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In present circumstances, lifestyle to education everything has taken an unanticipated turn. The cardinal stressors social distancing, staying home, minimised freedom, online classes etc., has potential to increase emotional distress, even among children. In scenari…

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