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I’m not a stupid (Living with Learning Disability)

As per newspaper and research reports, about 15% of the school-going population are struggling with specific learning disabilities. Also, an estimate says there are more than 35 million children having learning disabilities in India. Apart from specific learning disability we also have challenge of slow learners - children who has difficulty to understand and process information or instruction. Even though our society has developed in terms of technology and techniques, yet the awareness about learning disability has been a short in a mass.

In my 10 years of career as a psychologist, the prominent question I came across is – “could you recommend a book that covers most of the aspects of learning disability and remedial process, also which is easy to understand”. Also, I observed - commonly one is looking forward to get information about the subject with less literature. There are several amazing books and literature covering this subject in depth, but everyone does not want to read as academician or to become a subject matter expert. With the book "I’m not a stupid (Living with Learning Disability)" I have tried to cover most of the aspects of the subject in the form of story, pictures and with minimal literature. All in simple words and through charts, I have also touched upon procedure for assessment, diagnosis and intervention plans.

While there are several challenges in managing, and helping children having learning difficulties. With this book, my attempt is to bring awareness about the struggles of a child with learning disability, also covering aspects with which struggles can be minimized.

The story of Vidyuman is my own story, how I struggled but learned to manage my learning disability. With this book i am hopeful that readers will get a good insight about the life and feelings of a child Living with Learning Disability.

Our failure to understand different abilities and associated learning difficulties makes our child feel handicapped. Let’s create a beautiful world for our children and let them flourish to the fullest.

Book - I’m not a stupid (Living with Learning Disability) 
coming soon...

Love,light and gratitude
Deepti Priya

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